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ScientificPad Alpha2009012101 Release

Wednesday 21 January 2009, by ScientificWare

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Now you can save your address book. All addresses and groups can be reloaded. Using the comPanel become more easy.

 Becareful, it’ an Alpha version.
 Due to security prevent no mail server password will be saved.
 To configure the comPanel don’t type the @ separator :

For example the mailbox address guy.abossolo.foh@scientificware.com Fill the

  • User Pseudo Name column with guy.abossolo.foh and
  • Mail Server Domain Name with scientificware.com

 Before being sent a document had to be saved with a ".mml" extension. Otherwise it couldn’t be loaded in the TchatPanel.
For example, if you want to send your mathematic homework called : My_Pytha_theorem_Ex, save it as "My_Pytha_theorem_Ex.mml".

This is a Java Web Start Demo. To Launch it use this link ScientificPad.

Install JRE 1.6 before, to execute this program. Download java.

Road book :
 Bêta release after long terme persistence.

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